Why I Believe

A few month’s back I was asked by Believe.com if I would be willing to do a phone call with them about their new “I’m a believer” campaign. I looked into their site a little bit, spoke with the lovely Andrea on the phone and decided to go for it, even though it would involve me making my video-blog debut (yikes!) 

The question I had to answer in my video and in the corresponding text was this: Why do I believe in God.

I found this a hard question to answer because no matter what answer I came up with, they were all so self-centered.

I believe in God because he sustains my life in every season, no matter what… he’s the one who got me through with gentle love and endless grace.

This answer is true, but so much more about me than about God, more about my needs being met than a reflection of his infinite goodness, holiness and love.

The more I thought about my answer, the more I realized that it is and must continue to grow into a deep need and appreciation for his pools, his oceans of love and all the ways this is evident in creation, in my life, in his Word.

Is my answer the most mature answer? No, I am quite convinced that it’s fraught with human-failing and that there are others out there with meatier responses.

But we start where we are, yes?

I’d love to share the believe.com piece with you today, and the corresponding video. Bear with me, it was a raw and difficult story to tell in under two minutes… with one take.

And here is the piece at Believe.com, I encourage you to click around and check out the others who are being featured in the “I’m a believer” series.

And honestly, I encourage you to reflect on this question for yourself:

Do you believe in God? If so, why?
If you had to write about it, talk about it in less than two minutes, what would you say? Do you like your answer? 

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  • Lisa K

    This turned out really well! I’m glad you got to be a part of the “campaign”(?).

  • Lacey Cowger

    Leanne, you really opened my mind as to how faith can have a gray area! I am a black/white girl in most areas of my life and have viewed faith in the same, but now I get that there are gray areas and that’s ok.

    Why do I believe in God?? Because HE has proven HIMSELF to me time and time again. When I returned back to the Lord, I was SO hungry for more of Him. I searched His Word every spare moment I had, I would seek Him for any and every thing. I knew nothing of the bible and it’s mysteries, but through it, He has proved Himself to me. He would tell me things during prayer and I would write them down only to find them in scripture months and years later, almost word for word. He has given me visions during prayer that prove Himself. He is truly awesome and keeps me standing in amazement and THAT is why I believe in God!

  • http://www.andrewgilmore.net/ Andrew Gilmore

    Right on Leanne! this is awesome!

  • http://simply-rea.blogspot.com Rea

    We start where we are, yes! I love your response. I love the honesty and the theology behind your answer.