One Day in the Life (2014 Edition)

For the second year in a row I’ve linked up with Hollywood Housewife to photo-document one day in the life of our family. (Here is last year’s post if you’d like to check it out)

I did most of this on Instagram, you can follow that here if you don’t already. 

You have to understand we are in a weird season, I’m 36 weeks pregnant and Kel is between church assignments so his work load is sort of minimal. Our typical life right now is really odd for us.


5:30 (ish) The day started out early with Noelle requesting to crawl into bed with us.  I gave in and settled her in to the middle of our bed and snuggled for ten minutes before giving up on sleep myself and heading downstairs.

You may have forgotten but during the last few weeks of pregnancy, sleep is elusive. Comfortable positions no longer exist.


5:50 Scoot the dishwasher over to the sink to get it started, open up a can of cat food. so Alfie will shut up already.

Yes, my dishwasher is on wheels. We prefer to think of it as “so euro” rather than “so ghetto.” While I AM thankful for this mini-rolly guy, I do miss a “normal” dishwasher…


early morning blurr…

6:07 Uh, surprise, it’s Noelle WAY too early! And she is quickly followed by Caedmon. Both kids sense that I am up and looking for some solitude so they rush downstairs to see what I’m up to. They normally sleep past 7. We start making some granola, they fight over the bowl. I love this recipe from CHOW because it’s simple and stupid easy.


Then it’s a mad blur of pretend play. I go to catch our extremely loud and vocal cat to give him some outside time. Must cut down on crazy AM noising where we can.


7:00 Eventually granola gets done and a tad dark but we take it out and start in on some bowls of it with fruit and yogurt.

Then…. Dance party, or kitties… or something.


Then it’s a rush of chasing people with clothing, brushing teeth, doing pigtails and locking them out of the bathroom so I can have a sort of peaceful shower. They decide to capitalize on that by playing just outside the bathroom door.

Go to get dressed and notice al the frost on the roof, getting chilly already.


Somewhere in there Kel gets up and showered / dressed to walk Noelle to school and I do sinkload of dishes #1.



9:00 Noelle and Kel walk off to school while Caedmon and I play some lincoln logs.


I think this was Lincoln Log garage…

IMG_3608Kel and Caedmon take some time to play and I head upstairs for a little rest. I’ve been up and at em for 4.5 hours and I need a minute.


Caedmon finds me and I finish getting ready, makeup, hair a little and hey a 36 week baby bump picture, with some big brother snuggles in the mix.

Then I do this! Organize our medication, we are so over rooting through one big box when we feel like crap and now we don’t have to! Some people thought this was brilliant, feel free to pin it. It’s just little clearance rubbermaid boxes.


Sometimes there’s just downtime. Like now. In between playing, cleaning out the van and getting Noelle from Kindergarten. I still have to find a piece of art or two for that hole in the gallery wall.


Forgot to snap a pic of Noelle’s arrival home from school. It was rushed because we had her change and load up the clean van to go for a hike and some pizza.


But before we go, a little crockpot dinner. This is literally just partially frozen chicken drumsticks, BBQ sauce and a splash of cider vinegar (BC I was paranoid about lack of moisture) At this point, totally skeptical it would turn out.

Now for a drive to Rockford and some time outside IMG_3621 IMG_3622

A little kid-pictionary while we wait for the food, Kel draws a mean beach scene while I fail at an attempt at a lion. We caved and let the kids get lemonade and sprite, which I hate, but no refills and it kept the peace


Time for a walk. Caedmon really wanted to wear this lion backpack (harness) for our “hike”, which he hasn’t worn in over a year. I had no good reason to say no, so on it went.

IMG_3625Beautiful fall day with so much to see, I adore this season in Michigan and these sunny, color drenched days are just the best.


There are two little parks just off the walking trail that have both benches and bathrooms that are still open. Total win win. Caedmon played on the playground but Noelle created her own fun.


Pure Michigan kid life.

Now? Home.


Time to put my swollen purple feet up a little and watch some HGTV with this gal, and this cat. I can’t explain why but my kidlets will watch hours of HGTV with me. This session was Income property.IMG_3642

I like her, we like us. Wow I’m freckly….


Even the loudest cat in the world has his moments. And I don’t want to talk about that thing my chin is doing. At all. I have chin issues, OH so flattering.


And now? Time to attack the play room. Life runs a lot smoother when we have regular sessions of picking it up. This is our partially finished basement with a remnant on tile but it makes a great play / mess making space.

IMG_3647Dinner! On paper plates tonight (so tired, non eco, no judgies) The crockpot drumsticks were delicious! Totally turned out. (They’re on this pinboard. Do you follow me on Pinterest? It’s a choice… )

The kids didn’t like these at all, no idea why, but in our house you don’t get dinner option two, you get dinner or hunger, or usually I’ll give you a bowl of baby carrots. I make good food that isn’t too crazy, eat or deal.

I lost part of the evening to charging my phone. The kids and Kel headed up to the bath while I ran the minimal dishes and started soaking that BBQ-ey crockpot.

Then my cousin Scott and his daughter came over to help us move a chest freezer down to our basement. Now I can store up a stash of food like the rest of my good dutch family. Next year I’m shooting for 100 lbs of blueberries.

After the freezer moving excitement died down, the kids hit the hay and fell asleep fast from the busyness of the day.

Kel and I sat on the couch for a while and I guilted him into make my brownies. He said he’d cook if I cleaned. Fair deal. IMG_3651

I’m not really worrying about my food this much at the tail end of this pregnancy, I should, I will, but for now? Life is weird and chocolate helps. I don’t advocate this plan, I just had to buy another size up in underwear. I’m gaining all my baby weight in the caboose this time.

Also it’s a big deal for me to post a pic of our kitchen. I don’t like it, I want an update, the creative in me is bugged by all the brown and the electric tape on the cupboard handles. Yet, this is our life and a lot of it happens in here so, welcome to our kitchen. In our renno we haven’t gotten to it yet.


And now? Brownies and Supernatural, campy, CW television and chocolate. We are keeping it both classy and real over here people.

Some time around 9:30 I fall asleep on my heating pad and drag my large caboose upstairs to brush my teeth and sort of take off my makeup.

Check in with a few more instagram posts and it’s off to bed. IMG_3655

The trappings of my night stand, the last thing I see before I call it a night.

So, that’s a day in the life of the Penny family, Fall of 2014. We are in a weird season and I can’t wait to do this again next year, it’s a great exercise and if you didn’t participate this year you absolutely should give it a go next time around.

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  • Natalie Hart

    What a lovely, homey kind of day. It made me smile. And what is it with the kid radar for a mother awake and wanting some alone-time? It takes *such* discipline to not snap at them when they come down the stairs. (Of course, now that I have teenagers, this is no longer a problem.)

    • Leanne Penny

      Seriously! It’s like they want the cheese to slide off my cracker. It’s hanging on there by a shred anyway.

  • Cara Strickland

    I love this, Leanne. Thanks for the peek into your world.
    And when you said: Do you follow me on Pinterest? It’s a choice… I laughed out loud.

    • Leanne Penny

      Ha, I think it goes back to being a Mom. I give my kids choices galore… when I’m on my A game at least. “this is a choice” or “that is not a choice”

    • Mark Allman

      I laughed too because I took that to mean “if you don’t it’s a bad thing for you”

  • Mark Allman

    I enjoyed this walk through your day.

    • Leanne Penny

      Thanks Mark!

  • Rea

    “Life is weird and chocolate helps.” I’m making that my motto.

    • Leanne Penny

      feel free to needlepoint it and send me one 😉