Where are the Pennys Living? (with gifs!)

I owe you guys some words, an update of sorts. What the hizzle is going on with the Penny family?  And why does she still think it’s okay to say hizzle? 

I have had nearly a dozen people ask me over the past week where we are living right now. I feel this is something that I can correct with a blog post. 

Okay so here is what’s up with us. Kel was officially assigned to Dowagiac United Methodist Church over the last month.

giphy (2)

Where is Dowagiac? And how do you pronounce that?

It’s here.

Where is Dowagiac

We live in Grand Rapids now and will be moving to “Basically Indiana”

And you say it like this: də-WAH-jak
It’s Potawatomi for “fishing [near home] water” There’s some learning for ya.

You’re welcome

We will be living here


In a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom ranch.


It’s bigger on the inside.

The church has about 100 people in attendance when the weather is nice. It’s an older congregation so they go to Florida in the winter, as well they should.

The kids will be attending school in a bigger district about 13 miles away. Yes I will be driving them every day and I think I will be spending part of the working and working out at the YMCA there.

We are mostly living in Grand Rapids in our old house. By old I mean we’ve lived there a whole 10 months. On the weekends we generally join Kel in Dowagiac and stay at least one night in the parsonage on borrowed beds and a very floral and unforgiving love seat.

We hope to have our old-new house on the market by May 1 and depending on when we close, we will likely move sometime in June after school is out for Noelle.

I don’t love moving and I don’t love living in two houses out of suitcases etc. It should all be coming to a close soon, so while I would really like to stay in Grand Rapids I’m ready to do this move like you would do a band-aid.  (One Motion- RIGHT OFF!!) 

So right now we are busting it to get our house on the market. We have a list of half-done and barely started projects to do and then we need to clean and organize it and get it ready to be photographed for the listing.

Then we will pack and my kids will play in packing paper and boxes like this


For a thousand years or so.

But then we will “make it!” And be home. Again.

giphy (1)Home again. Soon. For a while anyway.


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  • Mark Allman

    I am smiling from all of your spot on Gifs. I hope you sell you house soon and that goes smooth.