It is finished. A long overdue home tour.

I told you I would get back to blogging once the house madness died down. And the photographer just left, so true to my word, here I am.

Now it’s bring on the showings.

For those of you who don’t live in Grand Rapids or in the surrounding areas, our market is nuts right now. Things are flying off the market in days so we reasonably expect hope to be sold by this time next week.

The posting will be online tomorrow, and I am trying my hand at writing the description for it.

But for now and for those of you who don’t know our address, I wanted to share the before and after pics.

The before pictures are the ones that were posted online when we bought the house. Kel just went through with his iPhone and took an after shot from the same location.

So in case your wondering where I have been in the last year or so…

Take this baby


And then add the following home pictures….

Stir in a failed church plant and a husband who has been working out of town for months and it should all make sense.

Okay, I have been waiting forever to give you a home tour. Shall we?

Here’s our home before


And after



We added a rock border, some mulch, painted the doors and planted some flowers. We also removed the dated storm door.


Let’s go into the kitchen, shall we?




And After!  (Don’t mind the RANDOMLY placed roll of toilet paper)




Oooh Ooh! After!


Before… ISdsixs1y5k7st1000000000






In the Eat in kitchen we covered the old linoleum with some peel and stick “wood” laminate floor tiles, removed the wall paper and painted the walls Rhinestone by Sherwin Williams. The cupboards were done in Chalkboard paint by Folk Art found at JoAnn Fabrics and finish with a Poly Crilic.

Welcome to our tiny “kitchen bathroom” Before….


And after! (Okay so it is NOT nearly at bright in real life. However there is no way to photograph it where it doesn’t turn out day-glo orange.)


In here we added floating shelves in place of the old organizer. We painted the walls La Fonda Spanish Dancer by Valspar, update the toilet paper holder, added a rug and some art.  It doesn’t glow in real life I promise.


Here is our living room which is off the kitchen… before. ISp9cx9ilhvfst1000000000


And after! IMG_1600

Before…. ISxfe9sopp3dst1000000000

And after! IMG_1598

In this room we removed the carpet and painted the paneling first using a high adhering primer and then finished them in Rhinestone by Sherman Williams.  We decided not to paint the fireplace because after the walls were white we liked the pinkish brick how it was.  We added curtains (fabric here) and art.  Updated the swag lamp by removing the glass panes and spray painting it white.  We updated the interior door and painted it Storm by Benjamin Moore.

Family room before. IS9x7995d1flst1000000000

And after! IMG_1604


Before… ISh3alrbh9nist1000000000And after! IMG_1602

In the living room we removed the carpet, obviously.  We painted the walls Rhinestone on the top and Teal Zeal by Behr on the bottom.  We added an earthy Jute area rug from Lowes and a brass arc lamp as recommended by designer friend Kelly of Hunt and Gather.

Bathroom before. Complete with floral wallpaper and pink carpet.


Ahhh, after. So much better. IMG_1608


So in here… Just wow…we removed the floral wallpaper and the pink carpet. Kel put up Wainscotting which we painted, you guessed it, Rhinestone, and the top of the walls are Sea Glass by Valspar. We updated the window treatments with fabric from Hobby Lobby, which I love and am totally taking with me.

The scatter rugs are from Home Goods and the flowers that you see in this and every picture are from the Fulton Street Farmers Market and arranged by my dear friend Naomi. Not pictured above.. but BELOW.. is the tile work that Kel did to cover the top of the shower surround where the previous owners had glued brown linoleum. We tried to scrape it off for painting but with no luck.

IMG_7404 IMG_7744


Master bedroom before. ISd8zw7fw4iwst1000000000

And after! IMG_1612




So in here we removed the carpet, painted the walls both Revere Pewter and a navy that I can’t remember right now. I added the curtains just last night (fabric here) and refreshed it with a new bed spread from Home goods.



Girl’s room before.

ISxvu872oo12tt1000000000 And after. IMG_7743


We added new trim in here, removed the carpet and painted it Sea Glass. This was a pretty easy room because the old carpet wasn’t even nailed down and we were able to repurpose it in our playroom downstairs.

Back patio before. This was a mother of a project….IS1bpxblau8zrt1000000000And after! IMG_1588


This room was supposed to be some sort of three Seasons room. But it was glued and nailed together with 5 different materials and full of wasp’s nests. Kel used the existing structure as the new posts and touched them up by building a sort of box around them out of 1x4s.

Here is another picture of the horror of that “room” which I had to look at from my kitchen and dining room windows for a year… depressing. BUT NOT NOW!!!


SO so bad….

Back of the house before… IShntlcyiaptrt1000000000And after. IMG_7727

So, as you can see we have been busy.



I love this house, wish I could live here, But apparently God has another plan for us down in Dowagiac.

Thanks for taking a tour… imma gonna go take a nap.


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  • Lisa S

    All that work really paid off! It’s fun seeing the before and afters and how far it all came. If it helps, my parents listed their house Wednesday and got an offer yesterday. Hopefully your home sells just as fast!

  • Mark Allman

    You guys did a great job on all the rooms. It looks great. I hope it sells quickly for you.

    • Leanne Penny

      Thanks Mark! Me too!

  • Rea

    It looks fabulous! I love the paint colors you chose. (I think that Sea Glass might be what I have in my home office, I know it’s a Valspar paint that looks very similar.) Of course, I am super impressed with anyone who can come up with paint colors and a redecorating plan because that is 100% not my gift. Hope it sells quickly for you!

    • Leanne Penny

      Thank you Rea! Sea Glass is lovely, I am reusing it in our new house as well. Love it! And if you picked it then you at least have SOME gifting 😉

  • Addie Zierman

    Gorgeous. Want to come redo my house now? xo

    • Leanne Penny

      Sure, buy me and the baby a plane ticket or whatever one takes to get to Minnesota, and I’ll be there with my brush and my hammer. (Those are the extent of my “renno tools” that I know how to use…. although I did use the tile saw and then instantly felt like a superhero.)