Why Victoria’s Secret Lost My Business (A Post About Boobs)

SOURCE. I love this shot, although I don't recommend nursing in a stream because... slippery.

SOURCE. I love this shot, although I don’t recommend nursing in a stream because… slippery.

I am nearing the end of my third year of breastfeeding. That’s right, I am going to talk about boobs today, so you know, if you don’t want to read about that, go somewhere else, it’s all good… no judgies. This is for us girls, or I guess supportive Dads too who want to huzzah on our behalf.

Three years of nursing has left my boobs a bit saggy, inches below where they were on my wedding day. And that’s okay, because I am amazing and my body is amazing. It has done for my children what God created it to do, and it has been a hard, tear-filled, beautiful growing experience for me.

It started off rocky with latching issues and tears but now I am pretty much a pro, if I do say so myself…

Nursing has taught me things about motherhood that it would have taken years for me to learn otherwise. (I am not judging anyone with this post, I am just talking about me and my unique journey, cool?)

So anyway, this morning I stepped out of the shower and shimmied on my trusty Target brand nursing cami, dreaming of the day when I could return to a life of under wire and perkiness…. and shopping at Victoria’s Secret.

The sweet mecca for those of us who love an under-wire bra that lasts…

Then it hit me. 

Why doesn’t Victoria’s Secret sell nursing bras and attire?

Their whole business is boobs and although breasts are generally referenced as a flashy asset, what they are really for… is feeding the tiny humans of this world.

At least primarily… I’m fine with their secondary purposes and hoisting them up to feel good about your body. I fully intend to so do when my nursing journey comes to an end.

I raced to my computer to ask the Google, surely I am wrong. Would a women’s underwear store really sell to women who aren’t using their boobs for babies?

But a sea of results confirmed it. Victoria doesn’t have anything for the nursing mamas.

But…. they are in the breast business, this is what they DO and yet for women who are using their breasts for their intended purpose, they offer nothing? Not even a few non-fun flesh colored bras with snaps for their loyal customers in need?

They literally, in every sense of the word, do not support nursing women.

This is similar to an auto parts store only selling wax and air fresheners when what you really need is a spark plug.

Dear God, I have no business using automobile references.

They could do so much for us if only they applied their fun patterns and styles to help out the leaky mamas who want to feel sexy AND feed a baby.

But, alas… at some point they made a decision not to…. I mean surely it crossed a VS executive mind at some point.

And so, Vickie used to have all my under attire business. She was there for me in college, on my wedding day, and every day in-between. I was a huge fan of the 5 for $25 underwear deal, although in the past few years I have felt like if my booty wasn’t on it’s way to a frat party, it didn’t fit Vickie’s offerings.

I am not an angel, I am not a runway model… and sadly, at the end of the day, Victoria’s Secret has proved to be a fair weather friend.

And so I say farewell to the striped pink bags, fragrant shelves of perfume, free panty coupons and the cute blondes in black suits with measure tapes around their necks.

I cannot give you my business, because it has become clear to me that you are not interested in providing products for real women, or at least not for me.

So, I guess I am in search of a new retailer with whom to entrust my … assets.

I hear Soma is good, I think I will check them out.

I am open to suggestions…


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  • annevermeulen

    Vickie never had my business to begin with, mostly because past a certain cup size, the few choices they could offer me made me look… comical. When you start getting past the letter D, does one REALLY need a padded push-up bra? Must I sport a shelf?

    But yeah… missing the underwire in a major way. It’s not practical right now, but I still miss it.

    • http://www.leannepenny.com Leanne Penny

      Yeah, I tried using it while nursing and it just gave me MORE issues… not worth it.

      And NO ONE wants the SHELF look….

    • http://uphillanddown.wordpress.com megan w

      I hear you!!! I’m a 34G and never want a push up in the first place! I already have big boobs! ;-). And I wear underwire nursing bras, and they are really comfy. The brand I like is Anita.

  • Karen

    I love you so much right now. I have a private board on Pinterest where I save awkward sex articles and stuff like that, but I have probably three or four good ones about how messed up America’s view of breasts has gotten. Someday when neither one of us is nursing we can get drinks and angrily complain together. I guess I liken it to the nose. It’s primary purpose is for breathing. If you can’t breathe, you kind of die. But it’s secondary function is the sense of smell. Now life is MUCH better with the sense of smell! It is a wonderful, wonderful thing! So is sexual pleasure from the breast. But it doesn’t change its primary purpose to breathe. The invention of formula–while a very, very good thing!–does not change the primary purpose of the breast, even if that function has now become optional. Pretty much only first world countries–where formula (good thing) and porn (bad thing) are widely available–have gotten confused about this.

    • http://www.leannepenny.com Leanne Penny

      You hit the nail square on the head, I LOVE the nose metaphor, knocks my auto parts example right out of the water. I am all down for drinks and complaining… I think I will be done in the next 6 months?

  • AmyKB

    Hotmilk Lingerie.

    • http://www.leannepenny.com Leanne Penny

      I have seen it! and their ADS crack me up because they show women in Ball Gowns nursing in random places like.. the laundry mat or the playground. So many questions!

      Either way they are doing a great job marketing their product, I mean I noticed.

  • Tina

    They also absolutely refuse to provide mastectomy bras for those women who were betrayed by the original boobs and now use replacement boobs. Women who need the pretty or sexy bra for their emotional wellbeing must go to stuffy boutiques and be scolded by cranky old women who tell us “you should be happy you survived it” while they hold up the utilitarian pocket bra with an itchy fake lace where your cleavage used to be. V S isn’t about empowering women at any time in her life!

    • http://www.leannepenny.com Leanne Penny

      Ugh, I am so sorry that THIS is the case. Clearly there needs to be somewhere out there who “gets it” for women who’ve had a mastectomy.

  • http://simply-rea.blogspot.com Rea

    Suddenly I’m seeing V S in a whole new light. And even if I did shop there, (which I don’t because despite being a D cup I HATE UNDERWIRES) I’m kind of thinking they don’t really deserve my business.

    • http://www.leannepenny.com Leanne Penny

      Exactly. My was the same way with underwire, I wonder how I will do going back to them after 2 years…

  • Mark Allman

    LOL… so there was no way I was not reading the post!
    Perhaps you should send VS this article and change their goals.

  • http://uphillanddown.wordpress.com megan w

    Amen!!!! I stopped using Vicki’s when the saleslady kept insisting that I was a 32B. I showed her that I literally could not close the bra and she kept saying that clearly I was doing something wrong. So I went to Nordstrom to get sized… I’m really a 32DDD, now a 34G because of breastfeeding. Though I only wear underwire, even while nursing. It’s either underwire or no bra at all.
    I’ve found Nordstrom to be much much much more helpful, though admittedly their in-store selection of nursing bras is pretty slim, but they have a lot online. This is a great post by the way!!!! I love it!!!!

    • http://www.leannepenny.com Leanne Penny

      Thanks Megan! In Hindsight I think I gave those sales Ladies more credit than they were Due… but WOW they were WAY off with you! I’ll have to check out Nordstrom when I’m back in the land of real bras.

  • Erinn Caley Ferguson

    Leanne — I’m not even sure how I ended up on this entry today, but this is an excellent post. I’ve been ambivalent about VS for years (perhaps because I’ve also been ambivalent about my body for the same time frame), but you are absolutely dead right about this. Troubling stuff. Let us know if you ever find a good (ethical? pretty?) alternative.