More Like Me, Month by Month- A New Series Introduction

Hello and happy New Year from me and all the other Pennys, including the cat, who is very festive.

I love the new year, every year it feels like a blank canvas, a fresh white beginning on which to paint something new, maybe even different.

I’m not talking about trying to become a thinner, a more super-hero you, just a truer version of yourself stripped from the coping mechanisms you use to distract yourself from how beautifully-hard it all it.

Or at least reign them in?

Does this make sense?

Okay I will come clean with you here, I feel like I drink too much wine, I’m not even going public with how much is too much, but it’s too much for me.

And I spend too much time on my phone, for my own comfort.

And I feel pinchy about the fact that God calls me to sabbath, and pray… but I don’t.

And I don’t feel sexy in my own skin, but I want to.

So I want to become more myself in 2016, month by month. I want to read about, think about, and intentionally pray about specific topics…. do you want to do this with me?

More Like Me, Month by Month.

That’s catchy, right? It has 4 Ms so it sort of has the alliteration factor.

Next Monday I will be launching this series, and posting about it at least every Monday. I will try to bring in experts and book recommendations on each month’s subject.

I will show up and curate help and support on my Facebook page.

Do you want in? If you don’t that is okay, I’m really doing this because I feel called to, yet the spirit in me has also called me to throw the invitation out there, so here I go.

I have at least half of the categories set up already, but I have some open for voting on this here survey.

I will be announcing the results on Friday and we will get started on Monday. So, here we go.

Are you in? #morelikeme


  • Karen

    I’m in. My One Word for 2016 is “grow,” and I am focusing on my faith first but on becoming “more me” second. I’ve been uncovering and dealing with hidden sources of shame and how we create this false self to cover up our shame but actually suffocate ourselves in the process. The more we are able to love and accept and LIVE AS our true authentic selves the better “me” I become. It’s exciting. And hard. But exciting. And it feels good once you get past the terrified stage.

    And in case you’re wondering who ranked sexuality a 1, that was totally me. I’ve been on a crazy (and sometimes crazy fun) journey there over the last year and I wish I saw more people talking about our sexuality during the little years.

    • Leanne Penny

      Dude, Yes and THANK YOU!

      I am so excited to have you as a friend and along for the journey with me this year.

  • Mark Allman

    I look forward to your insight on this each week. I’ll pray it goes well for you. Took your survey!