More Like Me January Kickoff, “What’s True About You?”

Hello all, sorry I didn’t come through on the Friday deadline, but here I am now, eh? (Side note with accompanying excuse, it was Caedmon’s birthday (5!) and we had company which was AWESOME but you know… busy.)


So we are kicking off our More Like Me- Month by Month 2016 series today. First I am going to provide you with a list of topics we will be covering, based on the survey results that you guys TOOK! And some stuff that the Spirit has been laying on my own heart. And, for January we are covering one that is NOT on the list, which is “Know Yourself.”

So here’s the year plan.

How can You participate?
1) Check in on Facebook- The more you do, the more it will pop up in your newsfeed. You can even change your settings so you are informed at the top of your feed when the page updates. If there is enough interest I think I will start a Facebook group.
2) Read & Resources– For every challenge I will provide you with books, articles, podcasts and other resources that center around the focus for each month.
3) Printables & Action Items– I will also link you to printables and assign action items that we can do together to center and draw closer to our created selves- which is what this is all about… not becoming BETTER, just more YOU, the you were made to be.

Monthly Challenges

January- Know Yourself
February- Sexuality
March- Prayer
April- Authenticity
May- Friendship
June- Sabbath
July- Health & Wellness
August- Meditation
September- Home
October- Screen Time
November- Courage
December- Scripture

I am really excited about this list, and really excited about how many of you are on board with it. And let me be clear, I am working on this with you, beside you, I will be researching and bringing helpful information but ultimately I am not the expert.

We are in the trenches together friends…

So to kick off our month and year we are going to start by getting to know ourselves.

Why? Because you can’t become more yourself if you don’t know yourself, amiright?

The better you understand yourself, the way you tick, what works for you, what bothers you, the more successful you can be in your year, your relationships and your life in general.

We are all completely over exposed to the way other people do things, and we all fall prey to the comparison game. So we see someone with a list, a specific workout plan, certain marriage habits or friendship styles and go… wow I suck.

And you don’t suck, you’re just different. All of us are going to approach each of these topics differently and if we try the same thing and assume it will work for all of us many will fail and feel frustrated.

So we are going to kick off the year by figuring ourselves out. 

Here is assignment #1.

  1. Take the Meyer’s Briggs Test Here.
  2. Once you know your type, read up on it at either 16 personalities or another website source.
  3. Report back on Facebook with what you have learned.

Caveat- If you already know your type and have researched this extensively, re-read a few things or just flaunt your knowledge by encouraging the rest of us. 

I will be back on Wednesday with more information about the Meyer’s Briggs test, what it is and why it works so well to help us know ourselves better.


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  • Tanya Marlow

    I love this! Sounds great!

    • Leanne Penny

      Thanks! I can add you to the group?

      • Tanya Marlow

        Please do – but be warned – I am ALL OVER THE PLACE at the moment and not really coping with much!

        • Leanne Penny

          I completely understand love. We need to catch up, or perhaps I will check in on your blog? I confess I don’t know what’s up with you these days.

  • Lisa Selleck

    I’m in. This will be fun!

    • Leanne Penny

      Fantastic! I will add you to the group!