I Took the Meyer’s Briggs Test- Now What?

Hey guys, going strong in week 1 of the More Like Me, month by month challenge. I guess we will call it a challenge?

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Monday’s assignment and post (go here if you need to catch up) was about getting to know yourself better by taking the Meyer’s Briggs personality type test at 16 personalities. If you still need to take the test, go. do it.

I want to say again that I am not an expert on Meyers Briggs or anything that we are focusing on this year, I am doing this with you and trying to stay just a few steps ahead so I can bring valuable information to the table.

I Took The Meyer's Briggs

So, What To Do With Your Meyer’s Briggs Type (MBT) Results…

  1. Read Up- Study Up on your personality type (if you feel comfortable and confident about the fit… if not read on) The internet is awash with memes, sites and fun stuff that will leave with more food for thought than you can possibly digest in 2016.
  2. Bug your friends and family to take the test- The Meyer’s Briggs is an amazing tool that can be used not only to gain a better understanding of yourself and the way you function but the way your loved ones function as well. Having a discussion about your type will provide valuable new insight and total Aha moments that can change for the better your marriage and closest friendships.
  3. Listen To A Podcast– Podcasts are becoming wildly popular and they are a free, easy way to get good stuff into your ears. My friend Megan of SortaAwesome (who is a Meyers Briggs Wizardess who should open her own personality type Hogwarts but even if she chooses not to you should still listen to her amazing, life changing podcast) directed me to this website and accompanying podcasts. Each type has an episode devoted it and listening to yours will widen your understanding.
  4. Apply It Graciously And Gradually– If the Meyer’s Briggs gave you wild new insights on better ways to go about your life, try to gradually implement them, unless your personality type indicates otherwise, of course. Basically, remember that the journey to self-knowledge does not come with a single test or blog post but is an ongoing process.

What to do If you feel like your results were weird, skewed or just plain wrong. 

Line it up with your real life experience, as several of you discussed in the Facebook group it is easy to skew your results. Perhaps you need to talk to your counselor about it or someone who can guide you with your type from a place of training and experience.

The more important thing is to understand your cognitive functions, which are ““Modes of processing information and making decisions based on your Myers-Briggs type.”

This article by Thought Catalog can help you understand more about that. It’s a fascinating read that can lead you on lots of great thinking trails. I am still combing through it and letting it shape the way I see myself and will be giving it several re-reads over the coming weeks.

This whole point of this is not to put you in a box but to give you a lens with which to view yourself and understand why you do things the way you do. This self-understanding will have an impact on the way you approach every challenge we tackle this year. I, as an ENFP, will see prayer, sabbath and sexuality one way, complete with accompanying strengths and challenges and without fail I will write and lead from that place.

I would love to see you add yourself to this group and challenge- as God created you in such a way that you will see things in a uniquely beautiful way, drawing on your DNA, soul and life experiences.

Did you take the test this week? How do you feel about your results? Do you use the Meyer’s Briggs to understand and influence your life and relationships? Let’s talk about that.


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  • http://uphillanddown.wordpress.com megan w

    I took the Meyers-Briggs test and I read the results to my husband. I was just a few paragraphs in and he goes, “This is your life! Like spot on!”, and I think he’s right. Turns out I’m now a ISFJ-T! I say now because I took it in college (almost 10 years ago) and was a INTJ then. My husband got real excited about all this and found a website that explains relationships between different personalities such as in a marriage! http://www.personality-central.com/type-and-relationships.html

    • http://www.leannepenny.com Leanne Penny

      Apparently you can’t “change types” just have a bad test, I guess? But I have different results now than in college too and so I think that it is truly a rough time to take the test, so changeable!

      I love that website, brought up so great points between me and my husband on date night!