The Point Of January- More Like Me Post #3

Hey guys, before I dive in to what I want to say this morning, I wanted to apologize for being flighty this month. Can I claim personality type there? No… 

I have been sick and sad over the passing of my aunt and our basement flooded leading to clean up and general feelings of “oh screw it.”

So now, on to the point of January, wrapping up month one of More Like Me 2016.

The reason I chose “Know Yourself” for January is because it is so foundational for the success of the rest of the year.

Often we look at the success of others around us and try to imitate their approaches. When we come up short, we blame ourselves for sucking.

New Year's EveWhy am I so bad at this when they are so good?

Here is a struggle I deal with: two of my closest friends are very strong J-types on the Meyer’s Briggs scale. Everything has a place, they don’t have “junk drawers” and their idea of a messy house is a couple of abandoned library books and a coffee cup on the counter.

My house is clean but lived in and fairly well organized, but my washi tape and pens do not live in glass apothecary jars and the shakers in my spice cupboard do not match, theirs do. They also keep label makers in their kitchens.

I have several junk drawers and even my organized drawers are like… mostly measuring cups and spoons but I think the meat thermometer also lives in there… and maybe spare bottle pieces and ooh a quarter! Score! 

I don’t suck at housekeeping, and they are not uptight. We were just created differently and that’s okay. We don’t judge each other, we help and encourage each other, they would love nothing more than to hang out, drink wine and organize my office. And I’m great with that because I get friend time and an organized office. They get to bring order to my chaos, which I need and they love.

Do you see where I am going with this?

I am an ENFP work at home mom living in a parsonage in a small town in the middle of a Michigan winter. I will absolutely approach the next 11 month’s topics with bias, advice and systems that take into account the way my cognitive functions and life experiences.

So what works for me might not work for you, and that’s great. We need each other to bring God’s fullness to the world. I am going to try to consult with other perspectives to bring you a fuller picture of each monthly focus.

Because the goal is to become more like YOU.
leanne penny more like me better version of yourself more alive truer not better

“The Glory Of God is Man (Humanity) Fully Alive.” ~ St Irenaeus, with gender inclusion added 

Your path to fully alive, more like me, is going to be uniquely you, but we are in this together. We can encourage and support one another, some of our suggestions will land and some won’t but through it all with be a thread of support.

So on we journey, not endeavoring to become better versions of ourselves but to become truer versions of ourselves.

Preview:  Monday kicks off our month on sexuality, I won’t take things beyond PG13, although I am still fleshing out what it will look like. Right now I am listening to “The Sexually Confident Wife” on tape and have emailed a few sex therapists to see if they would be open to an interview.

I hope that January has taught you more about yourself, how you function and what will set you up to grow this year. If you want in on this, join our our Facebook group for more support, encouragement and ideas.

Assignment: Take this test from Shannon Etheridge to get a feel for where you stand in your sexual confidence in marriage. It’ll make you blush but it’s a good litmus test.

Single women, are there enough of you reading this that it would be helpful to make this a focus? I think all in the Facebook group are married but I don’t want to leave anyone out. SO CHIME IN! 


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photo credits to Naomi and Rashida

  • Karen

    Not sure if you need more material to prepare for next month, but The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex was a game changer for me personally, along with No More Headaches. Shannon Ethridge’s The Fantasy Fallacy also changed my life because of its exploration of how past experiences can impact my sexuality today, but that may not be applicable to all.

    • Leanne Penny

      All those sound great! I am open to checking out all resources and am thankful you are excited about Feb like I am…. :-)