Namaste, Bunnies.

Hey friend, first of all I want to offer my apologies for abandoning you all of 2016, what a year to peace out, yikes.

This year, I’ve started a podcast, which is where a lot of my creative energy has gone. Check us out here if you’d like to tune in, it’s called The Mom Life Crisis and you can listen on iTunes and Sticher and you know… podcasty places.

We talk about living well at the intersection of womanhood and motherhood, which is a tricky address to call home.

But today, I think I want to talk about bunnies and people who are hard to love. Obviously these two things go together, I mean clearly.

So, on election day, because stress, I adopted a baby bunny for my kids as an early Christmas present. We named him Alexander Bunnington, because 2016 has ALSO been the year of the musical Hamilton.

So, for the last 2 months-ish we have been caring for Alex as we call him and I have to admit I’m smitten. He’s playful and sweet and gives copious kisses. He’s easy to love because he just quietly loves me and follows me around the house, he doesn’t for much and he goes nuts when I walk into the room.

So, Alex is a winner, a star, a prince of a bunny, he’s the homecoming king of rabbits.


Lap snuggle bunny.

Last week we ended up with bunny number 2, a rabbit whom we are choosing to call Brimley, after Walter Brimley, the mustachioed king of diabetes commercials. Brimley is a rescue bunny who came to us with severely overgrown bunny nails and a coat in deep need of a brushing.


Brimley during his first minute in our house.

Brimley is crabby and he’s tired and even though he’s only one year old, he moves like an old man bunny, again hence the name, Brimley.

We were told that he was a doll, an easy to love adoptee with a heart of gold but in the end he behaves exactly like one would expect given his neglect. He keeps it real as well he should.

Last night my son Caedmon, nearly 6, behaved badly and I, at my wits end, yelled at him.

Then I felt bad and crawled into bed with him, talking about why parents have to discipline and give kids consequences… so they don’t turn into bad adults.

He asked why certain people did turn into bad grown ups and what we were supposed to do about that… I said that God called us to love those that aren’t nice to us and pray for those who do mean things to us, that so often it’s because they are hurt, or no one showed them how to love.

We don’t let them hurt us again and again but we show them love in real ways. I told him that I think words like “love” and “pray” really mean action, showing that person love when it’s hard… like Brimley. You see Alex is the easy to love bunny, he never nips or snorts or gets crabby, he just wants your attention every hour of the day and he loves you with all his bunny DNA.


Bunny zoo – I have 2 bunnies… what? 

He’s easy to love… really easy but Brimley gives us a chance to practice our love, it’s not THAT hard to love a crabby bunny but it’s really hard to love a crabby human person… so bunnies are good practice.

So even though it would be easier to give him back to the bunny rescue lady and say… well THAT was no fun! That’s not what it means to change the world, changing the world means taking care of the Brimleys… in school and at work and at the store and at church and wherever people are to be found.

At the end of the day, on Christmas eve, eve, eve… I think that’s the best way I can tell the world about the birth of Jesus, to show love to the Brimleys, even if they  nip and snort and shed and don’t make it easy.

So tonight, I sipped gin and tonic, again because Christmas and I pet Brimley on his back and whispered “Hey you bunny, Namaste, God made me and God made you too, so I’ll care for you like you’re one of his creations, because you are, and together we will see the God in each other, okay? I’ve got you.”

This is the most Christmas-ey thing I can do or tell my kids about. People have God in them, and so do you, respect that.

Merry Christmas, from all 5 Pennys and also bunny Alex and bunny Brimley and our loud cat Alfred. img_3138

  • Mark Allman

    Excellent advice in sharing God’s love.
    Merry Christmas to you all.