Chalkboard Love (tutorial and giveaway)

I don’t usually write tutorials but I’m including one in today’s post because this is an item I’m crazy passionate about.  If you’ve been around the blog long enough you know that I’m a big fan of my chalkboard, which is essentially an old 100 yr old cupboard door which I transformed.

One chalkboard, so many uses. Menu Planning, To-Do, Inspiration, Planning and Birthday Greetings for your 1 yr old’s rap party.

I’m going to show you how to make one yourself, and then I’m going to give away the chalkboard we make.

I’m going to start to do more giveaways and they will consist mostly of homemade items and books, my two go-to gifts.

I do handmade gifts for several reasons:
1- They mean a lot, people love them
2- creating and up-cycling are better for the environment
3- they’re better for our budget
4- the creative process is great for my spirit

You will Need
An old cupboard door
Sand Paper
Painters Tape
Spray Chalkboard Paint

Go to your local salvage yard, I prefer Architectural Salvage here in Ada, and procure an old cupboard door.  I like the ones with the inset middle, pay attention to the outer frame and find one with color that you love.  I always go with a beat up shabby chic white.

Wipe it off and dry it, aren’t you glad I took a picture of this part in case you got confused about what wiping looks like?

Sand it, especially the middle part, which will be your writing surface, although small imperfections are fun and give character.

I used a small handheld power sander, but you can just free hand it with a sheet of sandpaper too.  Sometimes you’ll find cool vintage layers of paint that will show through.  Don’t be too impressed, this is one of like 3 power tools I can manage.

Tape off the edges so you don’t get the spray paint on the frame part of your chalkboard, although it you do you can sand it off.  You don’t have to use an entire roll like I did here.

Take your chalk board paint, this is what I bought from the local box store.

Spray a first coat, then follow it up with two more coats, taking a break in-between coats.

Remove the Painter’s Tape and get someone to affix a picture hanger on the back of it.  I don’t do that part, I couldn’t begin to tell you how, I think you just nail it on, but it’s beyond me.

So I love my chalkboard, and I want you to have one too.  So in order to win this lovely board leave a comment below with a quote you love and deem chalkboard worthy.  It’s that easy, you’ll be entered!  If you start following me on twitter or like the Leanne Penny page on Facebook you’ll earn extra entries.

Giveaway will close next Wednesday, June 20 at midnight, CST

Can’t wait to send you a present.