At War With Fair and Normal

I’ve been at war with the word Normal lately, although truly I’m too old for this.  How can I have made it thirty years on this earth without truly realizing that Normal is as real as unicorns or delicious microwave dinners.

There is no “normal marriage.”  No matter how much advice I get from the lovely, more experienced wives who mentor me, I always take some of it to heart and leave some behind.

No two souls are identical so it stands to reason that no two marriages are the same either.

It’s fruitless and joy stealing to compare your marriage to that of your friends.

And then there’s children, and parenting… there is no normal here either, is there?

Are there general guidelines for what children need?  Absolutely, resoundingly, yes! Across the board children need love, play, instruction, discipline and nourishment but the delivery of those needs is going to look different inside each door in your neighborhood.

Yet lately I’ve been grieving our abnormal-ness with a depth of pain that’s been close to all consuming. Continue reading