Abba love, my Daddys

Earlier this week I got an email from a friend requesting prayers for her daughters who were dreading father’s day because with their daddy gone they had nothing to celebrate.

My heart ached for them because I spent many father’s day weekends like that.  It’s so beautiful to celebrate fathers and mothers on these holidays but it always brings accentuates the voids for those of us who have an ache for our parents, or ache to be parents.

Kel has redeemed Father’s day for me, because I have a purpose and a target for all the traditional celebration.  Someone to cook for and painstakingly select greeting cards for, his fatherhood journey absolutely worth celebrating.

Part of my heart will forever miss my Daddy on this Sunday in June.  I reflect on all the Father’s Days we shared together over cinnamon rolls and gifts from Sears.  He was witty and wise and above all one of the most faithful and loyal men I know.  His unconditional love for my Mother still amazes me today.

I ache for my father and my Grandpa Mac who have left this world.  Yet if loss has taught me anything it is to focus on what is here in spite of what is fallen and lost.  These men are in heaven, they have been restored feel no pain.  My father will meet his grandchildren and share his heart with them forever, just not today.

Yet, I am surrounded by earthly, Daddy Love, Abba love that is breathtakingly beautiful and worthy of celebration.

There is my grandfather Arie, who is 86 and reads this blog faithfully, always full of encouragement for my writing.  He is the grandfather of 14 and the great grandfather of 10.  He takes fatherhood seriously and intentionally cultivates relationships with all of us.  He and my grandmother set out to build a close family of cousins and siblings, and this plan shaped my childhood.

There is our adoptive Grandpa Dave who takes time to play with our kids and chat with me on the back deck.  He knows what kind of beer I like and is always ready to share life over a double lined beer koozie or coffee and the morning paper.

And then there is our Kel, currently enjoying his favorite Father’s Day gift, sleeping in.  I’ll have to get him up soon and start the day lavishly him with Bacon, hugs and banana pudding.  Kel’s father love breaks boundaries and has amazed me from day one.  He will change any diaper, paint Noelle’s toenails hot pink, build any animal out of duplo blocks and he is abounding in grace and love for all three of us.

I truly have a partner in the parenting journey and although we are still learning our strengths and rhythms I rejoice that this is the man I share children with.

One things these three men have in common, besides a love of bacon, is that they are able to love profoundly because they spend time receiving the love of our heavenly Abba Father, and then they give it away.

Days like these can be so painful, and I will certainly spend part of my day honoring the space left my father, which I forever reserve for him.  Yet I am surrounding by so much Abba love, Daddy love that I can’t help but see the beauty and gratefully praise these men.

Abba love is relational, it is intimate, it is torrential and shaping.  Abba love is all around you, I pray that you are able to drink deeply of it today.