mama said… mama said

So yesterday I had one of “those days.”  Not a red letter, life altering day, but the sort that makes you want to laugh and cry all at the same time because it just keeps taking a turn for the worse.

The sort when you want to tell total strangers that in light of your current circumstances you are terribly clever and intelligent.

The sort you want to tell a friend about, because it’s hilarious so long as you’re not in the middle of it.  So let’s have a coffee date shall we, and I’ll tell you about “that day I had.”

It will make you feel better about your life and I’m okay with this.  

The day started with a marriage spat, which set both Kel and I on edge.  He took the kids to the zoo and I headed off to the coffee shop to get some work done.

Afterwards I wanted to hit up Barnes and Noble to crack out on some new books.  But, I knew that browsing would turn to buying, which wasn’t in the budget.

But the library was free so I decided to head there.

photoBut, wait. I didn’t yet have an area library card and to get one I would need a new, Michigan driver’s license. This would require a trip to one of the worst places in the world, the Secretary of State’s Office (DMV).

So, I returned home to get the proper documents to get a new license so I could get a new library card.

There was a line out the door but I decided to brave it, I was kid free and I needed to jump this annoying hurdle so life could go on.  So I waited in line to take a number.  When I got up to the desk the lady checked over my documents and promptly told me that I lacked “proof of presence.”

I almost sassed off and told her that I was present… and that was proof.  But I refrained.

But she smugly sent me back home for either my original birth certificate or a passport, because my current documentation was inadequate.

I want to give up… but I was going to finish this dang it so I drove home to get my birth certificate, grabbed a little lunch and headed back with steely resolve.

Halfway there I realized that in the act of getting lunch I’d left the bloody birth certificate on the counter at home.  I plopped my head on the steering wheel so loud that the horn made a short, angry honk.

I turned back around, AGAIN and walked back into the house AND grabbed my BC off the counter and drove back to the office…. again. Continue reading