What I’m Into (March 2013 Edition)

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Month in (super brief) review: Oklahoma warmed up and then cooled down again, now it’s warm and wet and incredibly mossy and springy outside.

Caedmon got his hair cut like a hipster big boy, which was a really big deal in the end, he looks just so grown up!

We celebrated St Patrick’s day with our dear friends the Harrison’s over boiled Irish fare and oh yeah WE SOLD OUR HOUSE and announced our big move!

St Patties

Best Moments of the Month: Our children have started to sing in the shower and it makes my heart melt.  It’s almost always “Jesus Loves Me” or “You Are My Sunshine” and it feels like all the best parts life in one steamy wet burst.

This past Thursday we celebrated Passover Seder at First Presbyterian Church here in Ada. I love celebrating the passover and going through the deeply rooted rituals with friends and remembering who we are as God’s people and the Lamb Stew they made?  Forgetaboutit.

Also as you can see Caedmon ate an avocado straight out of the grocery cart at WalMart, you know typical kids stuff.

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Great Reads & Word Discoveries:

Last month I finished no books, this month I finished 2, one fiction, one non-fiction, so I am on my way back up!  It’s not as many as I’d like but I’m trying to celebrate progress in all it’s forms.

The Memory Keepers Daughter (Kim Edwards):  This family drama was fairly a engaging and easy read, although sometimes I found myself wanting to shake the characters and redirect their choices.  A terribly accurate example of how secrets and lies destroy lives and families.

Bread and Wine (Shauna Niequist): God help me I love Shauna, her books, her blogs and her ability to pair animal prints and stripes. This book was no exception and I’ll be doing a full review of it in the coming weeks.  In the meantime take my word for it and preorder the book, do it now.

(I have been incredibly absent from the internet this month and haven’t been tracking my favorite blog reads, this will change in April as I pack our house… ha… ha… ahem… yeah…)

On the TV Screen:  Well Les Mis came out on DVD and I immediately hosted a watch party complete with dark chocolate toffee.  I’m so glad to have it at my fingertips for anytime viewing although I’m terribly sad that the soundtrack didn’t come with “Can You Hear the People Sing” You’d think with as much as they use that song to promote the film that they’d put it on the soundtrack but… no.

I’ve been an HGTV addict recently and my mind is filled with the potential of a new home with new nooks and crannies to fill and bring warmth to.

Dr Who: This march I completed seasons 1 & 2 of Doctor Who (The 9th & 10th Doctors) and went through various stages of grieving over the exits of both Christopher Ecclesion and now Billie Piper.  I’m now in Love with David Tennant, yet I still miss Rose.  Sigh…. change is hard!

Other than that I’ve been clicking along with HIMYM and am crazy excited to meet Ted’s wife and also glad that they’ve confirmed a 9th season and aren’t just going to intro her and end the show.  Oh how that would piss me off.  Not as much at the Downton Abbey condundrum but … I’d be pissed.

photo-cassoletFavorite Bites: This month I have been cooking my way through Bread and wine and have some new favorites that I am saving for my book review post.  I recommend this book for so many reasons, but spoiler alert I cannot stop craving the Real Simple Cassoulet it’s simple and positively amazing.


Crafty-ness: I’ve discovered a love for working with knit fabrics, most especially jersey cotton and made Noelle an adorable flowery t-shirt that was made from an old dress she’d outgrown.

Horns Pic copyI’m trying my hand at a quilted skirt for Noelle’s easter outfit and am in the process of up-cycling some adorable skirts that I got from a thrift store for .25 a piece!  Can’t beat that deal, maybe I’ll share all that with you when I get it all figured out.

Also I managed to crochet goat horns for a friend’s daughter so she’d have some wicked headgear for a school play.

On The Blog  This month my dear friend Jill Burden wrote a piece for Mom Hacks on getting picky eaters to try new foods by having them lick it.  Thanks to Pinterest and some great writing this was the most popular post this month!  Go Jill!

Other than that my post She is incomplete (Dr Who inspired title- nerdy…) seemed to resonate deeply with many of you as posts on depression and faith often do.  Although my favorite post of the month was this past week about the messy, deep love God has for us and how easily we forget it’s huge-ness.

So now it’s your turn, what are you loving?  What are you into?  

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