Mom Hacks – Crudités Happy Hour

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Hi, and welcome to week 2 of Mom Hacks: dealing cutting blows to some of motherhood’s trickiest problems.


As parents, when we find something innovative that makes our lives easier, we want to share it, take out a billboard! Shout it from the rooftops! “Hey YOU GUYS!!!  I Found a way to make ______ less stressful!”

And share we must!  Because we need sanity, so let’s swap secrets.

Let’s hack into the system, find some cheat codes to rescue the proverbial princess with a bit more ease.  (Super Mario reference anyone?)

Week 1, the ridiculous pedometer workout, was something I came up with out of the recesses of my truly unique brain.

This week it’s the Crudités Happy Hour, something my friend Jenni shared with me.

One afternoon, on a long distance phone call from Utah to Oklahoma, I was sharing my pre-dinnertime woes with my dear friend Jenni.  She’s like a sister and wise mom-sage all rolled into one.

Here’s the issue I shared with her: Every time I stood at the counter to get dinner ready the kids rushed into the kitchen, mustering their powers of whining and clinging to a degree that threatened my sanity.   Continue reading