Breastfeeding, Hot Wheels and Kitty Cats

Me and my "kitty"

Me and my “kitty”

For the last week of the year I am going to be doing some reposts from the year, some of your favorites and some that I think may have gotten lost in the mix.  This post was featured on and I’m featuring it here today. 

I have no idea if you breastfed your kids or not, if you’re a man I’m about 102% certain you didn’t. Although I do hope you played a key support role as your wife did.  I breastfed both of my kids for a year and I’m supremely glad that I did, I’m not bragging or passing judgement mind you, this is just backstory.

When my babies were new it seemed like nursing them successfully revolved around the concept of latching, around them having a proper hold on me (if you know what I mean.)  If your newborn isn’t latching well it causes all manner of issues such as crying, malnourishment and extreme pain for the mama.

As I was sitting in the playroom the other day I realized that when it comes to latching, I’m not worried about nipple confusion anymore, rather it seems as though my kids are the ones hoping I latch on properly to them.

Let me explain, my son recently got his first batch of matchbox cars, our world was forever changed.  He’s thrilled and we now tread carefully around every corner for fear of our tender feet.

My daughter on the other hand is all about pretending to be a kitty, all the time, and I mean ALL THE TIME.  She wakes up and goes to bed meowing at me and I use the phrase: “Say words, not meows” at least 37 times a day.

So back to that day in the playroom when I was thinking about latching, I realized that afternoon that my kids need me to latch onto what they’re into.  Not with my mouth, because ewww I’m sure matchbox cars taste nasty, but with my time and enthusiasm.

My son needs me to zoom cars down the ramp and my daughter needs me to get on all fours and play kitties with her.  This is how I can show them I care, this is how I can give them the nourishment they need NOW, by being willing to latch onto what they’re into.

For me personally, breastfeeding has and continues to teach me things I never would have learned otherwise, such as patience, rhythm and reliance.  I had no idea these lessons would keep on giving almost two years later but I can’t help smile and give thanks for a God that wastes no opportunity to connect life with valuable lessons.

What are your kids into?  How do you “latch on?”

If you have a favorite post from 2012 that you’d think should make the “best of 2012” list I would love to hear about it.