Letters to my Mother {Day 22} So, I’m a writer

This is my work uniform, pretty nice, eh?

Dear Mom,

I know I started off college majoring in Political Science, and then I briefly considered interior design, then I told you I was going to bible college in New Zealand. As you recall, I eventually graduated from Kuyper College with a degree in Youth Ministry.

So it turns out what I really am, is a writer, and maybe a speaker.  Although don’t worry that pricey college degree from Kuyper is coming in handy, I promise. Continue reading

31 Letters to My Mother {Day 20} Your baby is a Solider, Part II

apple camera

Good Morning Mom,

Well I promised you that I would write all about graduation day so here I am, true to my word.

Caedmon woke me up early and then Noelle followed shortly thereafter.  The kids and me headed down to the hotel lobby for breakfast.  They charmed the ladies serving breakfast. Noelle pretended her apple was a camera and proceeded to take pictures of everyone in the room.

Continue reading

Letters to my Mother {Day 18} So we’re 30

Dear Mom,

Every mother has her day where she wakes up and her baby is 30.

Your day would have come this past January, and then Kel, your son in law turned 30 on Tuesday.

So, we’re 30 now. And to tell you the truth I’m fine with being on the other side of my 20s.

For me the 30s are when you come into your own, feel comfy in your own skin, and gain immeasurable amounts of grace.

We spend our 20s blaming our patents for our issues and baggage.

We spend our 30s realizing they were people just like us. Trying their level best to live and love well. Continue reading