Unpacking the blessings (an update)

I think we’re long overdue for an update on the what-abouts of the Penny 4, yes?

It’s hard to write an update without it being really and truly a session of blessing counting, a run down on all the unimaginable ways in which God has showed up for us time and time again.

We are nearly completely unpacked and at least mostly settled into our new home, which couldn’t be more perfect.  This home came to us through the Hand of God via a dear old friend.  It has three bedrooms, it was spotless when we arrived, it’s gorgeous upstairs with a huge basement in a family friendly neighborhood.

While I busily googled duplexes God already has this home in mind for us.

Update College 3

We hosted two birthday parties for Noelle only a few weeks after we arrived and the feeling of having my family in our home was precious to me beyond words.

When it comes to the job situation, Kel accepted two pastor positions yesterday, That’s right Two!  One of them is short term and will require a commute and a few nights a week with Kel out of town each week.  The other is local and very exciting, we hope that it turns into a full time position sometime in 2014  and Kel is able to drop the weekends away from our family.

Yesterday when he returned home from his second interview he grinned at me and said: “I told you we’d be okay baby, 20 days here and I have two great jobs, God’s good.”

And he’s right God is so good.

God is fields of tulips good
God is last minute dinners out with friends good
God is Noelle serving my Grandma lemonade on her birthday good
God is bird watching with Caedmon in the early morning hours good
God is cool evenings with a Michigan breeze through the huge slider door good
God is local craft beers on Mother’s day good
God is fresh Rhubarb crisp in bed just before dozing off good

Life Collage

And as for what I’m up to?  I’m doing some work but I’ll include more about that later.  Right now I’m packing for a weekend away with writer friends that I couldn’t have ever made happen on my own. God sent it and I think it just may save my life because with all this good has come a whole lot of tired and overwhelmed.

No, the packing and the unpacking of life has left me little time or energy left to sift and unpack the musings of my heart.  So I think I’ll go pack one more thing… just a little bag of essentials so I can take the weekend off from… well everything really.

So I’ll see you on Monday, yes?

In the meantime, what are you up to?  What joys are you bursting with?  What are you unpacking?