Squeaky Clean Limericks

Gosh I love holidays, I almost dyed our oatmeal green this morning but at the last minute I decided against it.  I told Kel I rented him a leprechaun costume and that we were going to watch, “It’s the great Shamrock Charlie Brown,” The first of which is not true and the second of which is not real.  I also told him to prepare a reenactment of St Patrick’s story for the kids, he said He’d be St Patty and I could be the snakes.  Sweet, my only lines are hisssssss.

I’m actually a quarter irish and I remember one year that my Grandma got a tape of irish melodies to play for us in her convertible to expose us to Irish culture.  Turns out, most of them were about a topless mermaid, she was pretty embarrassed and in hindsight it was pretty funny.  The best laid plans my friends…

So in honor of two things I love, holidays and writing, I think we should all write up some limericks! The Limerick is a short, 5 line poem named after the town of Limerick in Ireland.

Here’s some loose instructions.  

Limericks consist of five lines. The rhyme scheme is AAbbA. In other words, Lines One, Two, and Five all rhyme with each other, and Lines Three and Four rhyme with each other.

Here’s a few examples, read them out loud if you want to understand the meter of the Limerick.  Yes I wrote about my kids and what they’re doing right now, IE eating bananas and kissing on me.

There once was a baby named fizzle
Whose eyes were so blue they would sizzle
He ate bananas a lot
he grew tall like a shot
Would he play basketball?  Oh, Fo Shizzle

There was a sweet girl who blew kisses
Her aim wasn’t perfect, there were misses
All were under her spell
Their hearts she would fell
Except for with cats, there were hisses

So why not write us a limerick?  What do you have to lose?  Oh and no men from Nantucket, you know what I mean.