Swanky Cupboard Office Tour & Contest Announcement

Why hello there, I assume you’ve come for a tour of my new office.  Let me put my tour guide hat on and show you around.

If you’ll step this way, I’ll open the doors so you can have a look see.

Welcome to my new cupboard office, located on the border between our galley kitchen and bay window dining room.  This office was purchased by Kel and I in 2012 off of craigslist, largely due to this post by Lisa Jo Baker, whose blog I love!  The original colors were a honey oak, but due to personal preference it was recently painted with a dove white exterior and a tropical turquoise interior.

On the top of the office you’ll see my collection of cookbooks, conveniently located out of reach of my children.  Serving as a bookend is my daughter’s Noelle’s piggy bank, which is typically kept out of reach due to her tendency to scatter coins throughout the house for my son to eat.

Moving on to the left door I’ve scattered some notes on the bulletin board which feature quotes from you guys, from our chalkboard contest, the winner of which will be announced at the end of this post.  Beneath the bulletin board is a small nook where I keep mechanical pencils, NOT PENS, because my heart is best expressed with graphite, not ink.

Moving to our right, in the back of the main desk space is my old school, Franklin Covey paper planner.  I prefer paper because it’s more open than digital planning and I don’t get distracted by twitter or instagram when I go to make a note.

Near the planner you will notice a very necessary mug of coffee, I’m currently drinking a whole bean Rwandan but I like to mix it up.  Coffee selection in the Casa de Penny is based heavily on our weekly budget allowances, as is the availability and selection of red wines.

Near the Mug you will see a brand new copy of my dear friend Sarah Martin’s book “Stress Point: Thriving Through Your 20’s In A Decade Of Drama,”  Which I’m currently reading for a review and giveaway this Saturday.  It’s an amazing study and resource for women in their 20’s so stay tuned for more on this honest and amazing read.

Moving on to our Right you’ll see my MacBook, where the majority of the writing magic happens.  The desktop is currently featuring a beautiful vista of “Big Red” a lighthouse in Holland, Michigan near my hometown.  The reason for this selection is because, well, I’m a tad homesick for Michigan, especially beachfront sunsets and family.

Beneath my laptop is a ring bound copy of Mary DeMuth’s Non Fiction Book Proposal Guide, which can be downloaded here if you’re interested.  It’s a valuable resource if you ever find yourself in need of guidance and expertise on the non-fiction book prop front.

Moving downward you will see my old, green college backpack.  It’s a North Face bag with a padded laptop slot purchased in 2004, I highly recommend this bags as mine shows little to no wear after at least a thousand uses over a dozen flights and road trips.

Our tour concludes on the right hand door where you will find my favorite new poetry quote by Mary Oliver taken from her book “Red Bird.”  I recommend you stop what you’re doing and buy this book post haste.  Beneath the white board quote are the two most recent copies of Better Homes and Gardens, crisp and unopened because I can’t seem to find time for them.

Finally, the yellow chair on the floor is a 100 year old restored and reupholstered ladder back chair in butter yellow with an undertone of granny smith red.

Thank you so much for visiting, this concludes our tour.  Please exit at your leisure and don’t mind the hundred ankle hugs you’ll receive from Noelle and Caedmon on your way out, consider the hugs our gift to you.

And now to announce the winner of our Chalkboard Contest:

Congratulations Amanda!  I will be in touch with you today to work out shipping details!  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sharing your quotes with me.  Many of them have become new favorites and are posted around our home.

And thanks for putting up with my silly, whimsical office tour.