Merry Christmas from the Pennys

I’ve spent the past 24 hours surrounded by rooms full of family.

I’ve been nibbling on spiced ham, holding babies and catching up on the  past year with all of my cousins.  And when you have 26 first cousins (many with delightful spouses) that’s a lot of reunion hugs and catch-up chats.

I love every second of these huge family parties because it connects all the dots of my life.

It reminds me that the mother, wife and writer that I am is the same little girl with the awful bowl cut who spent every Christmas in these houses, with these cousins, eating these cookies.

I thank God for these moments when life feels like a continuous journey rather than a fractured jumble of hard messy work.

I’m a little girl from Michigan who grew up, went to college, and then fell in love with an Oklahoma boy, was given the gift of two gorgeous children and somewhere in the middle of it all had her heartbroken and started writing to sort through it all.


You’re a part of my life and I’m so glad to share this space with you, so glad that you click on over here throughout the year to share life with me.

When I count my gifts, you’re one of them.  Thanks for being on the journey with me.

Merry Christmas to you, whoever you are, wherever you are.