Mom Hacks (The kid-friendly pedometer workout)

You guys! We have a lot of exciting bidness to attend to today. Buckle up, because we’re announcing the winners of the two infinity scarves AND Kicking off a new weekly feature AND to celebrate the new weekly feature I’m doing ANOTHER Giveaway.

Deep Breath… here we go!

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hack [hak]
Verb (used without object)
 to make rough cuts or notches; deal cutting blows.
Idiom: hack it, Slang . to handle or cope with a situation or anassignment adequately and calmly:

From Urban Dictionary:
Hack: a clever solution to a tricky problem

Welcome to Mom Hacks, my new experiment and Monday weekly feature.

So what is/are Mom Hacks? Well, as you can see in the definitions provided above, a Hack is something that deals cutting blows to a clever or tricky problem, and wouldn’t you like to do that to the roadblocks of mom life?

Me too.

Motherhood is a fantastic gift, not a problem, BUT it does bring with it some hurdles and stressors which can chop into your sanity.

So along those lines I’m creating space on Monday mornings where we can share the little solutions we invent or discover to make Motherhood less stressful and more fulfilling.  

I know not all of you are Moms, so if Mondays aren’t for you from here on, I sincerely understand.  But, perhaps you’ll tune in for future reference or to pass these hacks along to mom-friends?  Many these won’t be MOM specific per say, like this one!

Now for your weekly Hack.  I’ve been storing these up, I have them scribbled on a list so they don’t get lost in my brain.  But, after much deliberation I’ve decided to start this series with a completely original Leanne Penny Hack.

The (At-home, kid friendly) Pedometer workout.

Many of you don’t know this but when I was 21 I had a weight problem.  My doctor told me (from my blood tests) that if I didn’t make some changes while I was young, my later years would be poor or non existent.

So I changed my sedentary, fast food ways and took up veggies and exercise. Slowly but surely I lost 70 lbs, and kept it off for 10 years.

I lost most of it using a hilarious VHS workout called The Firm, which actually came with something called “The Fanny Lifter.”  But, I’ve kept it off by a total diet change and by getting exercise and activity wherever and whenever I can.

At my office and retail jobs I would just start doing lunges in the middle of a conversation with a co-worker.  Weird, I know, but they got used to it and eventually it became my cute, endearing quirk.

Now I’m at home with kids and my ideal time to workout is early, like 6 am.  But, oops!  my son gets up at 5:55 and if I get up at 5 am to beat him away I want to do my quiet prayer time over coffee, not do jumping jacks.

So what to do?

Well, a while back I got this nifty thing.

This is a pedometer and it’s a fairly inexpensive device ($10-$20) which counts your steps  throughout your day.  Your ideal goal is 10,000 steps per day and it’s true what they say, if you start tracking something, your numbers instantly improve.

If you’re counting your steps, you’ll take more of them.

Pedometer Pin At this point you may be wondering: “Does she really run around her 1,300 square foot house?” Yes, yes I do.

In fact I usually have a personal goal of getting 1,000 steps before breakfast, which with my kids usually isn’t hard.  Kids love this plan, it feels like intentional play to them.

You have to understand that I’m prone to depression, so for me getting my heart rate up releases healthy endorphins, and endorphins make you happy, and happy people don’t kill their husbands… they just don’t (name that quote)

So if my life necessitates exercise but doesn’t allow much time for it, my solution was the kid-friendly pedometer workout.

Now, if you can get to the gym, do that!  If you can manage to spend 60 minutes a day doing P90X, wow and awesome!  But that doesn’t fit my current life, so I improvised.

As stated in my goals for 2013, I am trying to get more intentional workouts in, but with Kel’s sporadic pastor schedule and my desire write whenever I can, this nifty pedometer thing?  It works for me when nothing else does.


MOM HACK (WHAT): Wear a Pedometer, move more.
WHY: If you’re counting your steps, you’ll take more of them.  If will become a game with a high score you’re always trying to beat.
TIPS / HOW:  Have a dance party with your kids
Go to the park, play soccer or tag in the back yard!
Do squats while you’re brushing your teeth (your husband WILL think you’re nuts)
Do lunges while you put laundry away
Walk in place while you do the dishes
Do crunches while you’re watching TV (Hey, at least you’re laying down!)


So, how do you squeeze healthy sanity-providing activity into your busy mom-life?