Tantrums and Lullabyes


Right now our house feels as though it stands divided… with Kel and Noelle on one side and Caedmon and I on the other.

The dividing line for us?  Those who act like mature, (at least four year old) people… and those who act like moody, selfish, two-year olds.

Care to take a stab as to which side I fall on?

That’s right, I side with the two year old these days.

Between the two of us we throw at least a tantrum an  and when we butt heads?  Watch out.  Worlds are colliding.  Plate tectonic level shizz is about to go down.

Caedmon gets upset because he doesn’t get his way whenever he wants it and I’m upset because… ugh… same reason.

This routine of having Kel gone every weekend is proving to be crazy hard on our family and I’ve been using it as an excuse to be a brat… and other B words.

Why isn’t there any passage in the bible that just allows us to be crabby and petulant for a while when things don’t go our way?

What if sometimes I don’t want to grow and rise above?  What if sometimes I just want to be crabby and pissed off …for the rest of the year? Give or take…

I tried playing it that way for the past month, telling Kel with regularity that I was just going to be pissy until 2014 when things stabilized for us.

He put up with like a champ for a while until in one brief, phone call the dam broke and I realized that my taking free reign to be moody was shrapnel into his heart.   Continue reading