Valentines Revolution (up with everyday love)

sb10062822c-001 Hey you, I see you.

Sitting in your living room on Valentines Eve swearing that if you see another jewelry commercial featuring a couple strolling in Paris or spooning in a mountain cabin you’re going to throw Legos at the tv.

Because that’s not real life, is it?

I don’t know about you but diamonds aren’t in our budget right now, neither are chocolate dipped fruit baskets or extravagant bouquets of flowers.

Nope, we lead a pretty practical life these days and diamonds are way off the radar. Five years ago I told Kel that I’d like one new piece of jewelry every couple of years so I’d have heirlooms to pass along to our grandchildren.

Just a few days ago I told him that all I really wanted for Valentines Day was more sippy cups, because we’re down to three and it’s making my life hell.

Because maybe if we had a few more sippy cups, maybe if there was one load less laundry, maybe if the kids would sleep until 7AM.. maybe I would have something left to give him in the evening.

If I’m honest, by the time it’s just the two of us, I’m spent.  I have no more “me” leftover for him.  My brain is burned crispy from the heat of the day.

It’s painful to admit it, but most nights find us passed out on different couches in front of the TV, with our iPhones in front of our faces.  Most nights we exchange less than 200 words before we pass out on opposite sides of our King bed.

Our romance flame is flickering, but I believe with everything I am that it’s not beyond hope.  It just needs oxygen, fuel for the fire.

I have hope for romance in the every day, even though it seems miles away from our “here” I believe it’s only a breath away.

I will never surrender the hope when it comes to my marriage, I will never give up on the magic we discovered in the beginning.  We’re still here, we’re not dead, so anything is possible.

So… Daily life?  Stress?  Consider yourself warned, you’ve been put on alert, you will not steal my romance, you will not dominate my marriage.

Sure you’ll win a few battles here and there, but the war is ours.

Tomorrow I’ll get up and stick a love notes to Kel’s mirror.

I’ll shave my legs, because on Valentine’s Day, I like to be prepared.

I’ll kiss him as soon as he walks in the door from work instead of being too distracted to greet him properly.

479010_63570709I refuse to let this cycle continue, I will crack any screen that continues to get in my way because I believe in Romance in the Every day, diapers be damned.

Real women everywhere?  Let’s start a revolution.  Down with the fancy and unrealistic and up with romance where we can get it, right where we are.

Let’s stand up and refuse to let ridiculous commercials and costly babysitters convince us that Valentines Day is out for us.

We will have picnics on the living room floor, we will pick up bottles of champagne and drink them in our Pajamas, surrounded by toys.

We will get frisky, funky and all around serious about our marriages.

Because I don’t know about you, but I’m NOT throwing in the towel, Instead I’m throwing down the gauntlet.

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