I do most of my writing here in this space but I have been privileged to have been able to share my heart in these places as well:

Relevant Magazine: God, Life, Progressive Culture 

A Hope that Can Survive Death: A post about my story, Mother’s Day and relentless hope. 

Internet Cafe Devotions:  Inspiring women to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through the daily interaction of God’s Word.

 Puddles and Rock Stars:  A post about how badly the church needs women who will be honest about their lives in both pleasant and painful seasons.

Ada Hub Magazine

Holiday Fun Guide

Caleb Wilde’s Blog 

One Year with Suicide

Epic Parent

Mom Genes
Get Your Head Out of Your Turkey
Apple a Day
Sippy Cup Coffee Date
Nutella, Parmesan and Picking my Battles
Now That I’m A Mom
Life Lessons From Lightening and Mater
Putting It In Its Place
The Crappiest Party Game
My (Maybe Biblical) Take on Self-Care
The Prayer Of The Flu-House Mama


This is How We Met: Leanne Penny’s Story

Miss Banana Pants

When In Doubt: Dance it Out