Guest Posting

I love hosting posts from other bloggers, I believe receiving each other’s stories and perspectives makes us so much stronger.

Right now I am open to guest bloggers who want to share on the following topics:

1) Beautiful Scars Series (Check out the original blog post here) If you want to contribute a post to this series tell us about a painful part of your life that God redeemed for his glory.  Something that happened, healed and was redeemed.

2) Your story grief and loss through death, heart break, or however you’ve experienced it.  Tell us your story and how God gave you the strength, in big and small ways, to live through and in spite of it.

General Guest Post Guidelines

1) Keep it between 400 – 800 words unless you really feel that your story can’t be told in less.  (you risk losing people with huge posts)

2) Get the polished and proofread post to me at least 48 hours before deadline please, along with a post pic, profile pic and bio.  Also include your social media info so I can redirect interested readers your way.

3) Engage readers as they respond to your post and help me promote your fabulous writing throughout the day.